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Please see my website with full details, pictures of damage, and links to other customer experiences with Superior:

I had a nightmare of an experience with Superior, consisting of STOLEN PROPERTY, SHADY MOVING PRACTICES, AND UNREASONABLY DAMAGED FURNITURE.

Superior jacked up the price $2,000 on moving day after the truck was fully loaded. I moved from a 600 square foot condo where that type of underestimation is impossible. I had over $4,000 of personal property stolen by Superior staff, and another $4,000 in lost or damaged furniture on a move that cost $5,000.

They did not exercise reasonable care in handling my things. There was a concerted effort to break into my boxes and steal rings, cameras, watches, and shoes. Regarding the shoes, there was a particular slap in the face and snide reminder of my experience. The movers stole my shoes, and left their dirty movers shoes they were wearing in their place!

In my opinion, Superior is telling the world that if you sign a contract with them for a move, THEY CAN STEAL WHATEVER THEY PLEASE and then pay you .60lb on the valuation. This is obviously completely unprofessional, and I urge everyone that reads this to use a larger more respectable national chain.

The company has a canned response to every argument the consumer makes. I filled out police reports and turned in damaged/stolen reports to Superior within a week after delivery 4/7/11 but still do not have a resolution.

I have been more than reasonable but getting a resolution from has been impossible.

Please see my website above for more details.


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Superior took care of my problem to my satisfaction. Sam helped me resolve this issue and I no longer have any complaints about this company.


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